"You get a lot of the hype cycle here on the West Coast. It’s cool to be part of a company where the results speak for themselves."


Yesterday I wrote about the depressing lack of engineers and scientists in government. Part of my point was that more than ever we are facing problems caused by and solvable with science and engineering. A sampling of stories from yesterday / this morning is the perfect illustration.

The New…


One question I’ve gotten again and again from people I respect and even more, like, is how does the MaydayPAC relate to the work of others? What is it adding? And, most pressingly, why add something new? “Why don’t just try to create one organization,” I’ve been asked again and again, “so…

"You look up to your heroes and you shouldn’t be intimidated by them; you should be inspired by them. Don’t look up at the poster on your wall and think, “Fuck, I can never do that.” Look at the poster on your wall and think, “Fuck, I’m going to do that!”"
— Dave Grohl (via newspeedwayboogie)

can’t believe I missed this…why do I need to sleep???


J Mascis with Nirvana - “School” live. 4/10/2014


"There’s people that say: “It’s not fair. You have all that stuff.” I wasn’t born with it. It was a horrible process to get to this. It took me my whole life. If you’re new at this — and by “new at it,” I mean 15 years in, or even 20 — you’re just starting to get traction. Young musicians believe they should be able to throw a band together and be famous, and anything that’s in their way is unfair and evil. What are you, in your 20s, you picked up a guitar? Give it a minute."


Boston Wiki Meetup

(Some will say this is not the time. I disagree. This is the time when every mixed emotion needs to find voice.)

Since his arresting the early morning of January 11, 2011 — two years to the day before Aaron Swartz ended his life — I have known more about the events that began this…

"While wage costs in the U.S. have been about flat in recent years, they have been rising 20% a year in China, a trend Mr. McNamara expects to continue for at least five years. He said labor costs for Flextronics rose about 30% last year in Malaysia and 40% in Indonesia."


I’ve now seen The Dark Knight Rises three times, and I like it more each time I see it. But this is pretty damn perfect and hilarious. “Oh, is that a Galaxy Note?”

(And yes, huge spoiler alert.)

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President Obama is cutting his Christmas holiday short, returning to Washington for a last attempt at avoiding the fiscal cliff. But he’s running headlong into the Republican strategy of fanaticism.

It’s a long-established principle of game theory (see Thomas Schelling’s classic 1956 essay…